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Partnering with Continental Cycling Team Ljubljana Gusto Santic

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The Story of the Ljubljana Dragon - an Analogy of HeadCrack's Partnership with LGS


An Ancient Myth

On the banks of the Ljubljana river, thick with vegetation and hugged by a low-lying mist, lived a mighty beast, a dragon that fed on otters, river-rats and unwitting farmers that strayed too close.

Jason and the Argonauts, heroes of Greek mythology, came upon the dragon’s lair when returning from winning the golden fleece from King Aeetes, but the dragon would not let them pass and they were forced to set up camp nearby. Soon, the dragon began to stray from the mist, scorching their fields and returning to the river each night with a human treat.

Acquiring the assistance of a powerful enchantress, Jason ventured into the dragon’s lair. The enchantress cast a sleeping spell upon the beast and Jason brought his sword down upon its head, but it’s skin was like armour and Jason’s blade cleft in two. Upon instruction by the enchantress, he instead bound the dragon’s mouth with rope and filled its nostrils with the bones of the men and women that lay disposed around it. 
When the dragon awoke, it took flight in panic, in its rage it attempted to breathe fire, but with its mouth bound and nostrils plugged, the flames filled its stomach and it exploded, lighting up the sky like a firework. 

Jason established the city of Ljubljana upon the place he and the Argonauts had camped, and the dragon become a symbol of strength and courage for the city!
Our little dragon is far less menacing than the original and was commissioned for design by Australian sponsor HeadCrack. The image of a mighty dragon struggling to breathe, panicking and burning from the inside is one that represents the battle mental illness can bring, it also reflects the physical stress of racing a bike. 

Therefore, our little dragon sends the message that you don’t need to look strong or mighty to display strength and courage. You can be on your knees, struggling for air, thinking you are moments from giving in. In regard to metal health, courage can be displayed by seeking help and support, and strength, in putting one foot in front of the other. In cycling, strength is found in being part of a cohesive and supportive team, and courage, in fighting as long as you can, even when your lungs burn and your finding it hard to breathe.

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