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Loss is hard, but life is not just found in joy, it’s found in the scope of human experience. It’s found in loss and pain as well as love and hope.

It’s time to see behind these eyes,

To drown in unshed tears.

You think you know the world,

Yet have never felt these fears.

Blue sky, warmth and tenderness,

Mean nothing if your dead.

Life is not just breathing,

Nor electrons in a head.

Life is found in hope,

In love, in dreams, in peace.

It’s also found in knowledge,

And in temporary release.

It’s more than riding on the edge,

Of a wave of foaming lust.

It’s less than filling up your cup,

As others bow out bust.

It’s somewhere far behind the veil,

It’s buried deep bellow.

Come, dig and sift and search for it,

Fight through the undertow.

It’s sitting on the surface,

It’s written on your face.

It’s at your very fingertips,

Flinch, you’ve left a trace.

Perhaps it’s not just what you’ve heard,

Or experienced firsthand.

Maybe it’s the beat,

Played from a distant band.

It’s the taste of a banquet,

Hunger on an empty plate.

A dose of weddings bliss,

And of discarded lovers’ hate.

Neither smooth, nor crinkled,

Not complex, nor simple.

It’s both the completion of a symphony,

And the cuteness of a dimple.

Your life is not life itself,

It’s a fragment, it’s a shard.

If you want to see the final piece,

Stand in your neighbour’s yard.

Drink from the cup of bitterness,

Break the bread of hope.

Celebrate a new birth,

Dangle from a rope.

Cry out to God to save you,

Put faith in yourself.

Stand atop the mountain,

Fail to reach the highest shelf.

Scream as the earth shakes,

And fires scorch your skin.

Catch your breath in wonder,

As you find your next of kin.

Your life is not the only one,

It’s not life at all.

If you don’t see the same eyes,

Behind those who run, and those who crawl.


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