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I know what it’s like to wake – a breathless weight pinning me down. I know what it’s like to feel numb and alone. Weak and afraid.

I’ve lived months on the edge of panic, almost wishing I’d completely fall apart.

I’ve been held in loving arms and felt nothing. Nothing but the fear that I’d never feel anything for anyone, that I’d lost the capacity to be human.

Poor Mental Health can be isolating and suffocating. It can make you feel different. Unlovable. Worthless.

It’s hard to be loved when you feel unlovable. It’s hard to see hope when you feel hopeless.

You are NOT unlovable, you are NOT worthless. There IS hope.

I’m not cured, I’m so far from it! I’m not here with an answer. I’m just here to tell you – YOU’RE NOT ALONE!


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